Bill Been playing with his Toys

Bill is playing with his….

Honda Grom

Melting Metal

Bill is playing with his 32 wheel 80’s toy truck,

Item picture

Galoob Command 32 Truckapillar as seen in the movie BIG!

Bill been watching his 16mm film BIG!  That’s right, on FILM!  16 FILM!

Bill has been playing with Legos. He needs some gray roof pieces.
Bill has been playing on his Boat.  Not often enough, the batteries are weak. (update) Batteries are charged and Bill is going out on the boat with his buddy Bill.
Bill has been playing on his Seadoo.  Landed in a oyster bed the other day. It did not go to well. Poor Bill!
Bill has been playing on his ATV. No he hasn’t, but he needs to.

Bill has been shooting 16mm film. He might be one of the last of the dying breed. Tri-X 7266 B&W 16mm film is one of last.  Times are changing. It is so very sad to see film go.


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