Bill Working?

Bill was working before he started his vacation (16 of which were really stressful years).  He became obese and did not realize it.  Bill was working for a good bit and forgot to take the time to eat healthy and workout.  He is now working to get in shape and trying to eat better.  No better time to start then now.  Bill wants to be the biggest loser, but it’s going to take time to reach such a high goal.

Bill’s Working Walking schedule

Update 4/15/16 Bill has not updated in some time. The good news is he’s lost a considerable amount of weight. Weight 165.00. Doing Great and weight goal reached!

Update 12/15/13 Bill has been slacking since it’s a busy time of year.  The holidays don’t help with him working out. Weight 202.0

Update 10/29/13 Had a 24hr bug or food poison yesterday. Felt like crap, slept most of the day, fever 100.8, dizzy/light headed.  Feel much better today.

I’m excited, just purchased a new WS-30 scale and a blood pressure machine by Withings.  They sync up to my ios device (iphone) and keep track of everything. There is a free app for it and it also syncs to  Higi has many locations, including many Publix stores to get your free checkup.

Update 10/27/13 Have been eating like crap, McD’s for breakfast and over ate.

Update 10/5/13 -weighed in at 196.0 lbs.  I just might be the only person that can go on a cruise for over a week and lose weight.  I did go to the bin for a 5 days so I’m sure that had something to do with my weight loss.  Ate a nice fat breakfast this morning which included 5 or 6 sausage links, about 4 eggs (egg whites), bagel, water.

196.0 lbs on 10/5/13 after a week cruise and 5 days in the bin.

Update 9/20/13  -weighed in at  200.2 lbs. Holy Cow, I might make it by tomorrow.

Update 09/14/13 -looking to lose 3.7 lbs in the 7 days. It is getting tougher and tougher to shed weight.  Walking mileage is high for the month, better than expected at 77.75 at almost the half way mark. Only 32.25 left in September to reach goal of 110 miles.


What else, supplements?
MultiVites by Vitafusion, it’s a gummy multivitamin
CLA 1250 2000-4000MG a day, for weight loss
Marine-D3 with Ecklonia cava Brown Seaweed Extract (Seanol-P), for better health
Fish Oil, maybe once or twice a week, for Heart

10/4/13 Given Lisinopril 2.5mg for Blood Pressure (Round yellow pill, Watson 405), but new prescription is for 20mg.  I guess I’m having to take my healthcare in my own hands. It can’t too hard to figure out….right?

9/30/13 Looks like my beer drinking days are over for now.

mid September 2013, I’m feeling better and trying to eat better. I still need to work on eating better.  I’m drinking a few gluten free beers now and then as a treat. It’s great beer and the best part is NO hangovers.

It is amazing how hard it was to for to walk 5K (3.1 miles) in July 2013.  It is now easier for me to walk a 10K than it was to do a 5K just a month ago.  I am hoping to start running a little bit during my walks.  I eventually would like to be able to run a 5K.
I’m also happy with how fast I’m losing weight. I have not weighed under 200 since high school. I really think I will be under 200 in middle or late September.

Starting Weight on October 5, 2013,  196.0 lbs. (unexpected weight)
Goal for October 100.0 mi (starting on 10/5/13, since those 5 days of October were stolen from Bill.) So far this month to date, 82.73 miles

Goal Weight by next vacation (9/25/13) 199.9 lbs (Bill’s setting unrealistic goals, but that is what does)
Ending Weight September 30, 2013,  unknown but estimated at 199.9 lbs.

*REACHED GOAL! Miles in September 2013, 131.22 Miles,  I really did a lot more but they did not count. Goal was 110 Miles
Ending Weight September 30, 2013,  Unknown (fat)
Starting Weight September 1, 2013, 207.8 lbs. (more fat) Ate like a pig

*REACHED GOAL! Miles in August 2013, 105.60 Miles, Goal was 100 Miles
Ending Weight August 31, 2013,  205.0 lbs. (fat)
Starting Weight August 1, 2013,   218.8 lbs. (fatty)

10/25/13 9.57mi
10/24/13  2.14mi.
10/23/13  6.4 mi.
10/21/13  6.13 mi. & 1.53 mi.
10/20/13  7.68 mi.
10/18/13  6.86 mi.
10/16/13  6.06 mi

The Scale October 15, 2013
The Scale October 15, 2013, I fit into a size 33 skinny jeans, well sort of, but 34 jeans work now.  On my way to a smedium.

10/14/13  5.43 mi.
10/13/13  3.96 mi.
10/11/13  6.58 mi.
10/09/13  6.31 mi.
10/07/13  5.03 mi.
10/06/13  4.44 mi.

196lbs after cruise and a week of starvation 10/5/13

9/26/13  6.8  mi. -amazing feat to accomplish on a boat.
9/19/13  4.2 mi  -another 5K+

The Scale 202.6 lbs

9/18/13 Whole lot of nothing
9/17/13  2.57mi
9/16/13  -getting fat on the couch
9/15/13  4.80mi  -got another 5K+ in
9/14/13  4.37mi  -got another 5K+ in

The Scale 203.6 lbs
The Scale 203.6 lbs

9/13/13  7.58mi  -got another 10K+ in
9/12/13  -getting fat on the couch
9/11/13  -Took a couple of days off from walking
9/10/13  3.53mi -got another 5K+ in
9/9/13  4.78mi and 4.01mi  -double walk
9/8/13  4.18mi with new Nike+ Sportswatch GPS
9/7/13  13.2mi 1/2 Marathon, Personal Distance Record
9/6/13  4.23mi and 5.72mi  -double walk
9/4/13  6.31mi  -got another 10K in

The Scale 205.6 lbs

9/3/13 1.12mi and 2.77mi  -double walk
9/2/2013 8.55mi  -got another 10K in
9/1/13 9.83mi  -Personal Distance Record
8/30/13  7.19mi  -got another 10K in
8/28/13 2.3mi
8/26/13  6.79mi -got another 10K+ in
8/25/13  6.99mi -got another 10K+ in
8/23/13  6.9mi -got another 10K+ in
8/19/13  6.6mi  -got another 10K+ in

The Scale 208.2 lbs
The Scale 208.2 lbs

8/18/13  6.39mi -got another 10K+ in
8/16/13 7.80mi Person record – Longest to date
8/15/13  2.49mi
8/14/13  5.56mi
8/13/13  2.51mi
8/12/13  4.78mi

The Scale 213.4 lbs
The Scale 213.4 lbs

8/11/13  6.26mi
8/9/13  3.62mi
8/8/13  2.49mi and 4.33mi
8/7/13  7.06mi

The Scale 215.8 lbs
The Scale 215.8 lbs

8/5/13  5.12mi
8/3/13  .53mi
8/2/13  1.20mi and 3.59mi
8/1/13  3.58 mi

The Scale 218.4 lbs
The Scale 218.4 lbs on 8/1/13

There is a few small walks on daily chart but is included on monthly miles.

Bill weighs in often but should only make it official once a week, maybe on Saturday.