16mm feature films


16mm Feature Films

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)
A poor boy wins the opportunity to tour the most eccentric and wonderful candy factory of all.
Director: Mel Stuart
Writers: Roald Dahl (screenplay), Roald Dahl (book)
Stars: Gene Wilder, Jack Albertson, Peter Ostrum

Smokey and the Bandit (1977)
The Bandit is hired on to run a tractor trailer full of beer over county lines in hot pursuit by a pesky sheriff.
Director: Hal Needham
Writers: Hal Needham (story), Robert L. Levy (story)
Stars: Burt Reynolds, Sally Field, Jerry Reed

Urban Cowboy (1980) 132 min. PG
John Travolta stars as a young man from the country who learns about life and love in a Houston bar.
Director: James Bridges
Writers: Aaron Latham (story), James Bridges (screenplay)
Stars: John Travolta, Debra Winger, Scott Glenn

Nine to Five (1980) 110 min. PG
Three female employees of a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot find a way to turn the tables on him.
Director: Colin Higgins
Writers: Patricia Resnick (story), Colin Higgins (screenplay)
Stars: Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton

48 Hours (1982) 86 min. R
A hard-nosed cop reluctantly teams up with a wise-cracking criminal temporarily paroled to him, in order to track down a killer.
Director: Walter Hill
Writers: Roger Spottiswoode, Walter Hill
Stars: Nick Nolte, Eddie Murphy, Annette O’Toole

Trading Places (1983) 116 min. R Comedy
A snobbish investor and a wily street con artist find their positions reversed as part of a bet by two callous millionaires.
Director: John Landis
Writers: Timothy Harris, Herschel Weingrod
Stars: Dan Aykroyd, Ralph Bellamy, Don Ameche

Mr. Mom (1983) 91 min. PG Comedy
Jack and Caroline are a couple making a decent living when Jack suddenly loses his job. They agree that he should stay at home and look after the house while Caroline works. It’s just that he’s never done it before, and really doesn’t have a clue.
Director: Stan Dragoti
Writer: John Hughes
Stars: Michael Keaton, Teri Garr, Fred Koehler

Cheech & Chong’s The Corsican Brothers (1984)  PG 82 min. Comedy
Two brothers who can feel each others’ pain and pleasure mess up the French revolution.
Director: Tommy Chong
Writer: Tommy Chong, Cheech Marin, Ricky Marin
Stars: Tommy Chong, Cheech Marin

Splash (1884) PG 111 min. Comedy
A man is reunited with a mermaid who saves him from drowning as a boy and falls in love not knowing who/what she is.
Director: Ron Howard
Writer: Brian Grazer
Stars: Tom Hanks, Daryl Hannah, Eugene Levy, John Candy

Platoon (1986) 120 min. R Action/Drama/War
A young recruit in Vietnam faces a moral crisis when confronted with the horrors of war and the duality of man.
Director: Oliver Stone
Writer: Oliver Stone
Stars: Keith David, Tom Berenger, William Dafoe

 Big (1988) 104 min. PG Comedy
When a boy wishes to be big at a magic wish machine, he wakes up the next morning and finds himself in an adult body literally overnight.
Director: Penny Marshall
Writers: Gary Ross, Anne Spielberg
Stars: Tom Hanks, Elizabeth Perkins, Robert Loggia

Home Alone (1990) 103 min. PG Comedy
An 8-year-old boy, who is accidentally left behind while his family flies to France for Christmas, has to defend his home against idiotic burglars.
Director: Chris Columbus
Writer: John Hughes
Stars: Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern

Love Potion #9 (1992) 92 min. PG-13 Comedy
Tate Donovan, a geek biochemist with no luck at all with women, is persuaded by his friends to visit a gypsy, Madame Ruth. She gives him “Love Potion No. 8”, an elixir which can potentially force anyone of the opposite sex to instantly fall in love with him. He shares the potion with his friend, Diane, and together they embark on a “scientific evaluation” that gets out of hand.
Director: Dale Launer
Writer: Dale Launer
Stars: Tate Donovan, Sandra Bullock

For Love or Money (1993) 96 min. PG Romantic Comedy
Doug Ireland is the concierge of a ritzy hotel in New York. He does what he has to to satisfy the hotel’s guests, by getting them what they need; like jewelry, candy mints, and theatre tickets. He also tries to keep the manager from terminating Milton, the bellhop, who was been working at the hotel for more than half a century, who likes to think that the spirit of the hotel’s founder is still around. Doug wants to open his own hotel on Roosevelt Island. Now he has saved every cent he could to get an option on an old hotel. Now he has a matter of weeks to develop the hotel or else he will lose it. But to do it he needs at least 3 million dollars and his best chance to get it is Christian Hanover. While Hanover considers Doug’s proposal, he asks him to “take care” of his girlfriend, Andy, a girl whom Doug has the hots for but is constantly turned down when he asks her out, cause she doesn’t want to be two timing her boyfriend, Hanover. Now Hanover is married but says that “he will divorce his wife and marry her”. Doug doesn’t exactly believe him but thinks that his hotel is more important and Andy can make her own decisions. But the more Doug spends with Andy, Doug is starting to wonder what is important.
Director: Barry Sonnenfeld
Writers: Mark Rosenthal, Lawrence Konner
Stars: Michael J. Fox, Gabrielle Anwar, Anthony Higgins

I.Q. (1994) 100 min. PG
Albert Einstein helps a young man who’s in love with Einstein’s niece to catch her attention by pretending temporarily to be a great physicist.
Director: Fred Schepisi
Writer: Andy Breckman
Stars: Tim Robbins, Meg Ryan, Walter Matthau

Mr. Deeds (2002) 96 Min. PG-13 Comedy
A sweet-natured, small-town guy inherits a controlling stake in a media conglomerate and begins to do business his way.
Director: Steven Brill
Writer: Clarence Budington Kelland, Robert Riskin
Stars: Adam Sandler, Winona Ryder, John Turturro





都市牛仔(1980)132分钟。 PG

朝九晚五(1980年)110分钟。 PG

48小时(1982)86分钟。 – [R

乾坤(1983)116分钟。 – [R喜剧

妈妈先生(1983年)91分钟。 PG喜剧


飞溅(1884年),PG 111分钟。喜剧

排(1986)120分钟。 – [R动作/剧情/战争

大(1988)104分钟。 PG喜剧

小鬼当家(1990)103分钟。 PG喜剧

爱情药水#9(1992年)92分钟。 PG-13喜剧

对于爱情还是金钱(1993)96分钟。 PG浪漫喜剧

I.Q. (1994)100分钟。 PG

契约先生(2002)96敏。 PG-13喜剧

16MM gùshìpiàn
16 háomǐ gùshìpiàn

wēi lì·wàng kǎ hé qiǎokèlì gōngchǎng (1971 nián)
yīgè kělián de háizi yíngdé jīhuì cānguān suǒyǒu zuì gǔguài hé měimiào de tángguǒ chǎng.
Dǎoyǎn: Sītú’ěrtè·méi ěr
biānjù: Luō ěr dé·dá’ěr (jùběn), luō ěr dé·dá’ěr (shū)
míngxīng: Jí ēn·huái ěr dé, jiékè ài bó sēn, bǐdé Ostrum

sī mò jī hé tǔfěi (1977)
qiángdào shì zài gùyòng yīgè tǎoyàn de jǐng zhǎng yùnxíng qiānyǐn chē chōngmǎnle píjiǔ de zhuīpěng xiàn xiàn.
Dǎoyǎn: Hā ěr·ní dá mǔ
biānjù: Hā ěr·ní dá mǔ (gùshì), luōbótè L. Lì wéi (gùshì)
míngxīng: Bó tè·léinuò zī, shā lì fēi’ěrdé, jié lǐ lǐ dé

dūshì niúzǎi (1980)132 fēnzhōng. PG
yuēhàn·tè lā wò ēr tǎ míngxīng cóng shuí dé zhī zài xiūsīdūn de jiǔbā shēnghuó hé àiqíng gāi guó niánqīng rén.
Dǎoyǎn: Zhānmǔsī·bù lǐ qí sī
biānjù: Yǎ lún lái sè mǔ (gùshì), zhānmǔsī·bù lǐ qí sī (jùběn)
míngxīng: Yuēhàn·tè lā wò ēr tǎ, dài bù lā·wēn gé, sī kē tè gé lún

cháo jiǔ wǎn wǔ (1980 nián)110 fēnzhōng. PG
xìngbié qíshì, zìsī, shuōhuǎng, xūwèi piānzhí de sān gè nǚ yuángōng zhǎodào yīgè bànfǎ bǎ tā de biǎo.
Dǎoyǎn: Kē lín·xī jīn sī
biānjù: Pà tè lǐ xià·léi sī níkè (gùshì), kē lín·xī jīn sī (jùběn)
míngxīng: Jiǎn·fāng dá, lìlì·tāngmǔ lín, duō lì·pà dùn

48 xiǎoshí (1982)86 fēnzhōng. – [R
yīgè jīngmíng de jǐngchá miǎnqiáng duì yǔ míngzhì de kāiliè fànzuì jiǎshì zhànshí gěi tā, wèile zhuīchá xiōngshǒu.
Dǎoyǎn: Wò’ērtè·xī ěr
biānjù: Luō jié shǐ bo dí shì, wò’ērtè·xī ěr
míngxīng: Níkè nuò tè, ài dí·mò fēi, ānnī tè·ào tú ěr

qiánkūn (1983)116 fēnzhōng. – [R xǐjù
shìlì de tóuzī zhě hé yīgè lǎomóushēnsuàn de jiētóu piànzi zhǎodào nìzhuǎn de liǎng gè wúqíng de bǎi wàn fùwēng de dǔzhù de yībùfèn de lìchǎng.
Dǎoyǎn: Yuēhàn·lán dí sī
biānjù: Dì mò xī·hālǐsī, hè xiē ěr Weingrod
míngxīng: Dān·ài kè luó yī dé, lā ěr fū·bèi lā mǐ, táng ā mǐqí

māmā xiānshēng (1983 nián)91 fēnzhōng. PG xǐjù
jiékè hé kǎ luó lín shì yī duì fūfù zuò yīgè tǐmiàn de shēnghuó shí, jiékè túrán shīqùle gōngzuò. Tāmen yīzhì rènwéi tā yīnggāi liú zài jiālǐ kān jiā, ér kǎ luó lín de zuòpǐn. Zhè zhǐshì tā yǐqián cóng wèi zuòguò tā, zhēn de méiyǒu yīgè xiànsuǒ.
Dǎoyǎn: Sītǎn Dragoti
biānjù: Yuēhàn·xiū sī
míngxīng: Màikè’ěr·jī dùn, tài ruì·jiā’ěr, fú léi dé·kè lēi

qiè qí&Chong de kē xī jiā dǎo xiōngdì (1984 nián) dì 82 yè fēnzhōng. Xǐjù
liǎng xiōngdì shuí kěyǐ gǎnjué dào duìfāng de tòngkǔ hé kuàilè rǎoluànle fàguó dàgémìng.
Dǎoyǎn: Tāng mǐ chōng
biānjù: Tāng mǐ chōng, qiè qí·mǎ lín, mǎ línruìqí
míngxīng: Tāng mǐ chōng, qiè qí·mǎ lín

fēijiàn (1884 nián),PG 111 fēnzhōng. Xǐjù
yī míng nánzǐ chóngféng shuí cóng nìshuǐ zuòwéi yīgè nánhái jiùle tā, bìng ài shàng bù zhīdào shuí/tā shì shénme měirényú.
Dǎoyǎn: Luō ēn·huòhuádé
biānjù: Bù lái’ēn·géléi zé
míngxīng: Tāngmǔ·hàn kè sī, dá lǐ ěr·hàn nà, yóu jīn·liè wéi, yuēhàn·kǎn dí

pái (1986)120 fēnzhōng. – [R dòngzuò/jùqíng/zhànzhēng
dāng zhànzhēng de kǒngbù hé rén de liǎngchóngxìng miànlín yuènán de yī wèi niánqīng xīnbīng miànlín dàodé wéijī.
Dǎoyǎn: Àolìfú·sī tōng
biānjù: Àolìfú·sī tōng
míngxīng: Jī sī dà wèi, tāngmǔ·bèi lǎng rè, wēilián·dá fú

dà (1988)104 fēnzhōng. PG xǐjù
dāng yīgè nánhái xīwàng shì zài yīgè shénqí de xīnyuàn jī dàle, tā dì èr tiān zǎoshang xǐng lái shí, fāxiàn zìjǐ zài yīgè chéngnián rén de shēntǐ yīyè zhī jiān.
Dǎoyǎn: Zhú gāo mǎxiē’ěr
biānjù: Jiā lì luósī, ānnī·sī pí’ěr bó gé
míngxīng: Tāngmǔ·hàn kè sī, yīlìshābái·pà jīn sī, luōbótè cháng láng

xiǎoguǐ dāngjiā (1990)103 fēnzhōng. PG xǐjù
yīgè 8 suì de nánhái, shuí bù xiǎoxīn liú xià de, ér tā de jiārén fēi wǎng fàguó de shèngdàn jié, yǒu bǎowèi zìjǐ de zhǔchǎng yíngzhàn yúchǔn de qièzéi.
Dǎoyǎn: Kè lǐsī·gēlúnbù
biānjù: Yuēhàn·xiū sī
míngxīng: Mài kǎo lìkè jīn, qiáo·pèi xī, dānní’ěr·sī tè ēn

àiqíng yàoshuǐ#9(1992 nián)92 fēnzhōng. PG-13 xǐjù
tài tè duō nuò wàn, yīgè guài tāi shēngwù huàxué méiyǒu yùnqì fùnǚ suǒyǒu, shì yóu tā de péngyǒu de quànshuō xià cānguān jípǔ sài, lù sī nǚshì. Tā gěi tā de “àiqíng yàoshuǐ dì 8 hào”, língdānmiàoyào zuìzhōng yě kěnéng pòshǐ yìxìng de rén lìjí ài shàngle tā. Tā fēnxiǎng yǔ tā de péngyǒu, dài ān yàoshuǐ, hé tāmen yīqǐ tà shàng shàng shīkòng de “kēxué de píngjià”.
Dǎoyǎn: Dài’ěr Launer
zuòjiā: Dài’ěr Launer
míngxīng: Tài tè duō nuò wàn, sāng dé lā·bù luòkè

duìyú àiqíng háishì jīnqián (1993)96 fēnzhōng. PG làngmàn xǐjù
dào gé·ài’ěrlán zài niǔyuē háohuá de jiǔdiàn de lǐbīn fúwù. Tā zuò shénme tā yào yǐ mǎnzú jiǔdiàn de kèrén, shì ràng tāmen xūyào shénme; rú zhūbǎo, tángguǒ bòhé táng, hé jùyuàn ménpiào. Tā hái shìtú bǎochí jīnglǐ cóng mǐ’ěr dùn zhōngzhǐ de shìzhě, shuí shì zài jiǔdiàn gōngzuòle chāoguò bàn gè shìjì, shuí xǐhuān sīkǎo, jiǔdiàn de chuàngshǐ rén de jīngshén réngrán shì wéirào. Dào gé xīwàng zìjǐ kāi de jiǔdiàn zài luósīfú dǎo. Xiànzài, tā jiùle měi yī fēn qián, tā kěyǐ dédào yīgè lǎo de jiǔdiàn de xuǎnxiàng. Xiànzài tā yǒu jǐ zhōu de shíjiān lái kāifā jiǔdiàn, fǒuzé tā jiāng shīqù tā. Dàn yào zuò dào zhè yīdiǎn, tā zhìshǎo xūyào 3 wàn kuài qián, bìng dédào tā shì jīdū tú hànnuòwēi tā zuì hǎo de jīhuì. Ér hànnuòwēi rènwéi dào gé de jiànyì, tā yāoqiú tā “zhàogù” tā de nǚ péngyǒu, ān dí, qízhōng dào gé xiānhòu wèi àimù bùyǐ, dànshì zài bùduàn diào dī, dāng tā wèn tā, yīnwèi tā bù xīwàng shì liǎng gè jìshí tā yīgè nǚhái nányǒu, hànnuòwēi. Xiànzài hànnuòwēi jiéhūn, dàn shuō:“Tā jiāng yǔ qīzi líhūn hé tā jiéhūn.” Dào gé bìng bù wánquán xiāngxìn tā, dàn rènwéi tā de lǚguǎn gèng zhòngyào de shì, ān dí kěyǐ ràng tā zìjǐ zuò juédìng. Dànshì gèng duō de dào gé huā yǔ ān dí, dào shì kāishǐ bù zhīdào shénme shì zhòngyào de.
Dǎoyǎn: Bālǐ·suǒ nán fēi’ěrdé
biānjù: Mǎkè·luō sēn tǎ ěr, láolúnsī Konner
míngxīng: Màikè’ěr·fúkèsī, jiābùlǐ āi ěr ān wǎ’ěr, āndōngní xī jīn sī

I.Q. (1994)100 Fēnzhōng. PG
ài yīn sītǎn bāngzhù yīgè niánqīng rén shuí zài ài yǔ ài yīn sītǎn de zhínǚ jiǎzhuāng zhànshí shì yīgè wěidà de wùlǐ xué jiā gǎn shàng tā de zhùyì.
Dǎoyǎn: Fú léi dé Schepisi
biānjù: Ān dí Breckman
míngxīng: Dì mǔ·luō bīn sī, méi gé·ruì ēn, wò’ērtè·mǎ xiū

qìyuē xiānshēng (2002)96 mǐn. PG-13 xǐjù
tiánměi de píqì, xiǎo chéngzhèn de jiāhuo jìchéngle chuánméi jítuán de kònggǔ quán, bìng kāishǐ zuò shēngyì tā de qùlù.
Dǎoyǎn: Shǐdìfēn bù lǐ ěr
zuòjiā: Kèlā lún sī Budington lán dé, luōbótè·lǐ sī jīn
míngxīng: Yàdāng·sāng dé lēi, wēi nuò nà·lài dé, yuēhàn tú tú luō