Donate with Bill?

Donations are not tax deductible when made to an individual or any entity that is not a registered 501(c)3 organization.

Even if you don’t donate to Bill, you should donate with Bill.  Don’t have the money, donate a little of your time.  Giving your time is more powerful than monetary donations.  Don’t know where to donate, maybe Bill can help.

Bill donates school supplies to his local community.  He goes to Wal-mart just before the new school year starts and stocks up on crayons, pencils, paper, glue and other school supplies.  Bill also donates these types of supplies to the local metal heath facility in his town.

Bill donates directly to people in the community who are suffering.  There are so many who need help and most are too humble to ask. Some of the stories are so very sad.  It really makes me wonder about this world.

Here are a few place you can donate:

Give Forward
Go Fund Me
Chive Charities

Bill has donated some time, energy, and a few dollars of his own. If you would like to help Bill donate on your own.

Bill understands the struggles people face in the world.  He has had a few struggles of his own in the past, but understands that many others have it much worse.

Kiva lenders, like Bill, combat poverty daily by making small loans to borrowers around the world. We believe in fair access to affordable capital for people to improve their own lives.  Often only a relatively small amount of money stands in the way of Kiva borrowers and their dreams. Whether it’s a Kenyan farmer who needs $500 in order to double her grain production, or a young Bolivian woman who lacks the $1,500 tuition for nursing school, Kiva lenders provide a hand up to these and countless other borrowers.

Take a look at what Bill has been doing to help on Kiva.

Other ways Bill is helping
Bill is a Humanitarian Banker helping people on Zidisha as of 8/7/13

Bill has really enjoyed helping people on Zidisha.  Bill has helped over 30 people better themselves.  Check out what some grateful people are saying…

Some Feedback:

JOHN MUTURI CHEGE comments on Aug 20, 2013
I am gratitude to thank all those Zidisha lenders team.I do recognize your touched concern and sacrificing your busy daily work. Lenders you are morally and financially supporting my business, success and community at large. May i, take this great opportunity to express my sincerely appreciation especially to_: Benedicte Monroe, Calibri, Michaela, Jjonas, Jordi, Bonndan, Bill 2073, Scgtb and others. Infact, the list of touched lenders for our livelyhood improvement is endless.I also request to extend my humble and sincerely welcome. It’s with many thanks in advance to those potential funders. All of you are great and, i highly recognize all you do towards income improvement. I sincerely wish you good luck in every area you pursue. Thanks indeed once more and be blessed.

Francis kombo comments on Aug 11, 2013
thank you bill i will keep my success going.

My sales have increased by about 3000 bob a day and the number of customers have increased by approximately 50.Am happy about this.Posted by Francis kombo in Nakuru, Kenya on 08 August 201
Dear lenders,am grateful to you. I have been able to put up more stock and am now in business. Many thanks to all the lendersPosted by Joseph Kidali in Nakuru., Kenya on 08 August 2013
Thank you Eugene I. for the generous donations.  100% (minus PayPal fees) of the funds will be used to help rid poverty. Here is 6 people Eugene I. has helped:Easter R. from nakuru, Kenya
Eugene I. funds will help Easter build her second hand shoe business.
Andrew C. from Kiptangwanyi, Kenya
Andrew will use the funds to help boost his computer service business.
Xavior B. from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Xavior will use the money for farming livestock.
Fauzia I. from Mtwapa, Kenya
She will use the funds to run her cafeteria.
Naftali N. from Lenet, Kenya

He will use the money to boost his business selling used car parts.
Donald B. from Nakaru West, Kenya
He is a chicken farmers and will use the funds to help with a new flock.