How does it work.

I wonder how it works, well as good as it does.  What if I had to make due with my trash.  What would I use it for?  A fire is always the easiest. There is only so many containers you need, unless you were low on the things you put in those containers.

You make due and that means suffering.  Why is it suffering?  It’s not having what you once had or the feeling of needing more to continue.

Do I fix the broken?  It’s impossible……or sure seems that way. Are you sick of fixing things?  Why would you have to repair something so often?

It’s suppose to be this way.  Just the way you are suppose to have green manicured grass in the front yard.

Am I, are I suppose to.  What would I do if I stopped wasting my time with the non-sense of society’s perfection?  What happens when society killed all passion?  Some say bent, I say…beyond broken!