I Need A Vacation?

Listen, Bill found out how great it can be to take a vacation and so should you.  It is great to recharge your batteries and it could actually make you more productive.  You might be asking yourself, “but how?” This is how! In the fast world of today, it is good to take a breath and relax.  There are many ways you can save for a vacation. Some are easy, some are harder.  You can use one way or another, but I’ve found doing a little of a few helped me.

  • Buy extra things that you know you will use and are non-perishable.  I buy extra toilet paper, toothpaste, tampons, bar soap, Q-tips, and more. Build up an extra stock and you will find out you will have more money later.
  • Pay a few of your bills in advance.  Make an payment for your next months mortgage now. Pay your electric or water bill for next quarter, this quarter. If you have a problem with saving money and feel like you have to spend it, spend it like this and you surely be better off.
  • Slow and steady saving. Put away a percentage of each paycheck. Put it in a savings account or somewhere you can forget it’s there.
  • Don’t eat out as much. Don’t spend as much as you normally would on entertainment.  Drink less or no alcohol. Quit drinking expensive coffee.  Buy a water filter instead of buying bottled water. Since you want to look good on vacation, you might just want to cut down on eating.  Eat healthy though, it does cost more, skimp somewhere else.
  • Saving gas money can really add up with doing a little more planning. Make fewer trips by planning out your errands in advance. You might be able to do the same choirs in one trip instead of 4.
  • Use coupons for everything, but not for things you would not be buying already.
  • Buy in bulk.  Buying in bulk can save you money, but it can cost you more as well.  Buying the non-perishable item discussed earlier can save you big.
  • Work more.  Yeah this is the one that people might not want to hear but works.  Taking on a second job or working over-time can help you reach your vacation goals faster.  Making more or spending less is the answer.  Do all these things and you could be closer to your next vacation then you think.If you need a little extra to make your vacation a reality, ask Bill.  Let Bill know why you need a vacation and why you should go on vacation. He might help, email Bill.

    Be strong and never give up.  If you are at your bottom, it can only get better from here.Got any ideas you would like to share? Let Bill and everyone else know.