Just some ideas

How can circles trip over reasonable things? Is a needle reasonable?  IDK, they’re really squares? Define reasonable?

Analise that! Reverse mirror font.

gTLD’s….Why? I like my .com. Do you hate change. Yes, well make it drastic so I can get used to it sooner.

My revision should release the previous version. It should not be hanging around. Go away previous version, I don’t like you anymore.  No really, who deleted my delete?

Just a past prediction.  bill gates is the first person to live forever. From a fierce business man to a huge philanthropist.

My brain was organic.  Now it’s a hybrid.

My frequency is being affected by harmonic tones you are throwing off.

How do you know if it’s a humanoid or a bot?  Before the year 2027, you could ask it vague cultural questions mixed with humor.  2010’s movies quotes worked pretty good.

2023 Domicile codes require dome structure.

Best business of 2040’s? Super processing enhancements of near-term memory. A few people are going under the knife, but most with have to sick with supplements because the surgery cost prohibited.

My chip? My chip? My name is my chip. My job is my chip.  Well, my social security number is my chip.  My address is my chip. IP address? My fingerprint is my chip. My eye is my chip. My cell phone is my chip. My DNA is my chip. My chip is my chip. I am my chip. My chip is my chip. My chip is my chip. Chip, Chip,Chip,Chip,Chip,Chip,Chip,Chip,Chip,Chip, Chip,  Chip,   Chip,    Chip,     chip,      ch-ip,      p, chit

More coming, hopefully sooner than tomorrow.

Bill’s thoughts on singularity?

Bill’s thoughts on cybernetics?

The speechless society? I have an itch it’s already here.

The new body language?

The food chain?

Reverse aging process?

Heart flows, no longer beats?

The handshake of the past?