Rant of the day, week, or month

Bill’s rant of the day, week, or month.  I’ll update whenever I feel like updating.  Let Bill know what you think.

10/28/14 ? Testing, Testing, is this thing working?

10/11/14 Mid-life crisis is really not a crisis. It’s knowing the second half is going to be much better than the first.

10/10/14 Have not left a rant in some time. All is good?

5/7/14  Groups are inherently evil. ALL groups!

3/2/14  The things that used to make me excited, no longer do.  I’ve lost something over the years.

3/1/14 If everything you’ve been lead to believe to be true, wasn’t, then what? Sadness happens.

Got a nice NRA hat in the mail today.

2/22/14  The further I stay away from humans the more I dislike them, when I do see them.

2/21/14  I could be right, but I could be wrong.

2/20/14 Get a tattoo of the company logo.  I will love you forever, or at least a long time.   What an honor to have someone  tattoo your company logo on their body.  I’m so happy! Will Bill get one? No. Why?  He does not want the tattoo to outlast the company.

2/4/14  I was completely wrong.  It’s about who you know that will make you successful.  I really did not believe it until I’ve seen a few of these losers on top.  I still believe I was right about one thing,  a fool and his money is soon parted.

1/23/14  I really should add something. The year is going to be over if I don’t take a second to blink.

12/28/13  Hope hope all you little beggars got what you wanted. I didn’t. You know why?  Because I did not ask for anything.

12/15/13 Spent like I dove into the deep end.  …at least it was on myself for a change.

12/13/13 Read this…Friday the 13th.. you’re lame.  Ring, ring, got it. stage 4, 1K lbs psi injectors, Swap engine, wat, oh right it was the last post, thanks insurance lady lizard for checking my posts. BTW, You owe us 13 bucks.

12/10/13 Grom, Grom, Grom  It’s not an NSR or YSR but it’s 20 years later, 4 stroke now, sitting upright, inflation costs, quality down, but lots of fun.  Need to upgrade everything. Exhaust, lower cowling, seat cover, air intake, front sproket.  ….engine next

11/15/13 Honda Grom, check

11/5/13  If I could just go to a healthy food store without having to give up two paychecks I think I could eat better and loose some fat.  I guess it’s eat more dough or pay more dough.

10/27/13  State Your Will technique to three questions for people whose say and do are incongruous…
First Question: Did you say you would do (action)?
Second Question: Did you do (action)?
Third Question: Do you think THAT is right?

10/16/13  Solve starvation. Genetically modified fruits and vegetables to have a shorter life cycle. No more 100 day harvest, it’s now every other week.  Fruit Trees with pits not cores are faster. Maybe modify herbaceous perennials like papaya.

New car costs what?  New car costs what?  What?  Luxury cars are sort of holding steady.  How can a Honda cost 40K?  Well, If I keep it for 12 years……It’s not that bad if you use gold coins, it’ll cost the same price as 15 years ago.

10/10/13  I painted the patio what was suppose to be a terracotta color.  It’s now orange.  It’s going to be orange for a while.  I have a great idea for paint swatches…..use the paint to make them.

10/5/13 196lbs. Looks like this diet thing and weight loss is easier than expected. Don’t go crazy worrying about it, well maybe. Looks like Billsonvacation.com is really a weight loss site.

10/1/13  Might want to check out ACT stock since my little Watson pill is now owned by them.

9/14/13 203.6 lbs. Pretty good weigh in but really hoped to lose 3.7 lbs more in the next 7 days. Not really sure if this is going to happen, but will still give it a shot.

9/12/13  I’m in need of a vacation.  I’m excited!  No, really I am. Don’t you love celebrities who say, “I’m excited.” It’s so very annoying. Pay attention to it and you will think of Bill next time you here, “I’m excited!”

9/11/13  I was sleeping on a blow up mattress, on the floor in one of the riches places on earth, Marina Del Rey when I woke up by a call from my mother, telling me to get out of LA  now and turn on the TV.  This was my morning on 9/11/2001.  It funny because I did not leave that day, but did leave a few days later, never been back to LA since. Another fun fact…. I lost the opportunity to secure a job because I spelled Los Angeles wrong.  Fun thing is, it might be the best thing that ever happened. By the way, that business, went out of business a few years after my internship. There is no business like show business, which is obviously not my business….or is it. I really need a vacation.

8/28/13 The Nabucco gas pipeline is on schedule and should be completed in 2017.

8/27/13 My fastest times ever, personal record. I walk faster and faster, feeling more like a wandering falcon back from extinction. AKA – A Peregrine Falcon named Bill.

What should I do with my old Tutorial & Reference Guides for that computer program, circa 1996?

8/26/13 We are happy to serve you, Anthora! …or is it amphora?…or is it Solo now?

8/25/13  There’s a 30 minute wait at Cracker Barrel and as soon as we are called and sit down, I look out the window and see a family walking in.  One minute later they are seated?

8/24/13 Watch what time it is. Men with watches are like women with shoes. Men don’t care what shoes women wear.  Women don’t care what watches men wear.  Women pay attention to other women’s shoes and men pay attention to other men’s watches….except me.

8/23/13 Sh*t Happens! Yeah sh*t happens to everyone but it really seems that sh*t happens much more often to a certain few. Just unlucky or….?

8/22/13 Is a glitch like a fat finger? Yeah, they are both BS.

8/18/13  Getting is shape is much easier than sitting in a chair waiting for my next paycheck.

8/17/13 The progress is held back because of the bull crap regulations in place, to only collect the fees and pass. Systems in place should shift towards fair. Fair is good for the gander and well as the loose goose.  Yes, the people who have worked hard should be rewarded but any system which decreases the tariffs prove to be otherwise.  This is why things get worse or stay the same. It’s a wall of protection.

8/11/13 – The cloud…..The CloUd…Do I love or hate the cloud?   By the way, how the hell does this thing work.  I’m getting stupider.