Weight loss with gastric sleeve surgery

Scars from surgery. 1 month after gastric sleeve surgery, down 40lbs. 10/31/2015

Ever since I learned how to eat, I’ve loved food.  It’s been a comfort. I over-ate often. I ate when I was stressed, I ate when I was bored, I ate when I was happy or sad. I actually realize I ate as entertainment. I wouldn’t plan to go to a concert or show on the weekend. I’d plan to go out to eat and drink. Now things are different.

A friend of mine was very much the same as me.  One day she had enough of being overweight and decided to do something about it, surgery.

Surgery is expensive. She has been considered obese for much of her adult life. The funny thing is that insurance would not pay for surgery because she was not fat enough.
I’ve heard and read about people gaining weight to qualify for surgery. I thought this was as dumb as it gets and we started looking outside the USA to have the procedure done.
After much research, she found a place in Mexico and decided to go there. It was less than a quarter of the price compared to the United States.

The operation went smooth and the only thing to show for it was five sewn up holes in the stomach area. She was up and walking within a day. It took about a three weeks for the incisions to heal over.
My friend lost a considerable amount of weight during her pre-diet. Two weeks before surgery you are to be on a serious diet and then go down to just liquids three days pre-op.

After seeing how well everything went, I decided to have the surgery myself. It would be much easier to be on the same page for our meals and becoming more healthy sounded great. I lost 40lbs the first month after surgery and felt much better. It’s amazing how you don’t realize how bad you feel until you feel better. It was the best decision I made.